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Welcome on the WideReality.com website. This website aims at presenting Romain Cavagna's activities especially in the networked virtual environments field. 
Welcome to WideReality.com

Wide Reality ?

  The massive interest for the Games / Virtual Environments (VEs), for the Virtual Reality (VR) applications, the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and the current revolution of the Internet world (Web 2.0, Web 3D.0) are key points for the emergence of an 'ambient' Web which will make it possible for the users to communicate, collaborate, entertain, work and exchange contents possibly with using 3D metaphors which will extend their reality.
   For example, by exchanging virtual representations of contents, the users will be able to have them at their disposal at a chosen 'physical' place with the possibility of making them perceptible to the nearby users in the Mixed Reality (MR) space.
   In this context, the generation, the distribution and the reproduction of contents are among the essential points for the deployment of a self-scalable platform of Wide Reality (WR).


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